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Katelyn Buis (MA/PhD)

August 2, 2019
Katelyn Buis

Kate Buis holds dual Bachelors degrees in Communications/Drama (BA) and Comparative Religions (BS) from Clark’s Summit University and a Master of Arts in Theatre (MA) from Bowling Green State University. Kate is insatiably curious about the world and the humans around her, and has been teaching Public Speaking, Introduction to Acting, Debate, Introduction to Theatre, Advanced Acting, Creative Dramatics, and other undergraduate courses at Indiana University (IUPUI) from 2013-present. Through her role in the university, Kate has served as Chair for Debates, headed international learning programs for students, and has been a judge at playwrighting and performance competitions. Most recently, Kate has served as Director for IUPUI’s main stage productions including Clybourne Park (2018) and The Book Club Play (2019). Kate has performed as an actor in many play productions in the midwest and on the east coast of the US, such as Lettice and Lovage, Rebecca,The Man Who Came to Dinner, and Sonia Flew. Kate has had her work published in the Central Indiana Writers Guild Annual Poetry Review and has served as presenter and panel judge at theatre conferences around the US. 
Research projects include Post WWII European theatre, cultural thought, and resistance, especially in France. Philology, translation, and adaptation have been at the heart of Kate’s work over the last few years resulting in her own major English translation of Jean Anouilh’s Antigone. Kate is passionate about acting and performance. Current research projects and interests include linguistic and medieval marginalia, studies in the premodern world focusing on medieval French, Latin, and English texts, phonetic colonialism and performance, digital phenomenology, the changing performance of “untouchable” texts, and archival practice - the control, production, and sustenance of what is “allowed” to be remembered and embodied in the postmodern era.