Additional Curriculum

Creative Collaborations

The BA Theater Program offers diverse creation processes in our cornerstone class, TH4380 Creative Collaboration. This course, offered four times per academic year, immerses BA students in a creation process that is guided by professional companies and artists to generate original productions. Each course begins experimenting with performance by using inspirational sources such as classic novels, historical events, existing plays, musical scores, and much more. Some of these explorations evolve into fully supported new works that are performed in Twin Cities professional theaters for the general public. The Master and Margarita, and The Woyzeck Project were chosen as Top Ten productions by The Minneapolis Star Tribune and The City Pages. This unique training process teaches the latest approaches to creating new plays and performances. The collaborations build bridges for our students to enter into the world of professional theater. Past collaborations have been led by The Workhaus Collective, Nautilus Theater Company, Joel Sass, Bob Rosen, Barbra Berlovitz, Luverne Seifert, Lisa Channer, Gulgun Kayim, and Michael Sommers.

Independent Study

(TH 3993, TH 5993) The student organizes coursework in consultation with a faculty member with expertise in the student’s area of proposed research.


We have a number of honors students within theatre arts. For honors information and resources, contact the departmental honors advisor, Margaret Wery at, or Director of Undergraduate Studies Matt Lefebvre at