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Difference for UMAC Participants

UMAC fellows spend the first semester expanding their understanding of themselves and the ways that they can contribute their talents to the social good. Fellows form a supportive learning cohort, participate in intergenerational learning, and engage in discussions with some of the best and brightest thinkers in the country.

For the second semester, fellows spend 10-20 hours a week working on a project for a social impact organization, applying their highly valued workplace skills and expertise, returning regularly to the University to share and reflect on their experiences.  Fellows help host organizations build capacity, operate more efficiently, and, ultimately, have a broader community impact.

Throughout the academic year, fellows participate in discussions and exploring topics of interest. Fellows explore what they want from this new life stage, emerging “encore” to adulthood beyond the career- and family-building years. Fellows expand networks and connect with resources within and beyond the University of Minnesota.