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Fall Semester

Fall Semester
Sept. 3 - Dec. 19, 2019

UMAC is designed to offer a transformative experience within a community of learners. A cohort of UMAC fellows forms a learning community, serving as a foundation for deepening learning and sharing insights.

Fellow Seminar

You will regularly come together with other fellows for facilitated discussions on a variety of topics. Invited guest speakers and experts lead you in discussion about topics of interest, including achieving meaning and a sense of renewal.

For fall 2019, the UMAC fellow seminar is scheduled for Tuesdays, 3:30 - 6:00pm.

Grand Challenge Course(s)

You will have the option of participating in a course, such as The Future of Work and Life in the 21st Century, one of the University of Minnesota’s Grand Challenge courses. Grand Challenge courses explore some of the most pressing issues of our state and the world.

For fall 2018, The Future of Work and Life in the 21st Century Course met on Wednesdays, 2:30-5 pm.

Faculty-Fellow Dialogues

You will sit in on dialogues with internationally renowned speakers (including University faculty). You also have the option of attending other seminars, discussions, and talks taking place on campus. 

Coaching Circles

You will gather periodiacally with a small group of fellows to explore your interests and generate ideas for the spring applied project experience. These coaching circles offer fellows an opportunity to take what they are learning and translate that into an action plan.

Intergenerational Experience

You have the opportunity to join other students to consider possible solutions to major social issues in an intergenerational learning environment.

Informal Networking

You can connect with others in informal settings, expanding professional networks with other fellows and invited guests.