About PES

Six academic advisors from the CLA PES Program

Our Mission

The mission of the President's Emerging Scholars Program is to ensure the timely graduation of its participants. This program is designed for students who have faced challenges that may have impacted their high school ranks and test scores, but whose personal experiences and high school records indicate strong potential for success at the University through the President's Emerging Scholars Program.

Our Services

The President's Emerging Scholars Program offers a number of services that address the needs of students with diverse backgrounds and characteristics, including urban students, first-generation college students, rural students, student parents, students with disabilities, students of color, older students, and non-native speakers of English. Students selected for the President's Emerging Scholars Program will be those applicants who would most benefit from the Program's services. Preference will be given to first-generation students and other students whose applications demonstrate evidence of having overcome social, economic, or physical barriers to educational achievement. Participants will primarily be Minnesota residents.

The President's Emerging Scholars Program will ensure that students have the academic and personal support necessary to achieve academic success in their undergraduate program and their timely graduation from the University of Minnesota.