CLA PES Courses

All CLA President's Emerging Scholars students enroll in three courses designed specifically for you during your first and second year. Once registered, you are automatically enrolled in the course Canvas site. To log in, go to and "my courses" or directly to

Fall Semester of Your First Year

CLA 1005: Introduction to Liberal Arts Learning

CLA 1005 is a course in which you are the expert! That is, this course is about you:  your identity, your goals, your values, and your first-year university experience.  The course is also about “you” in the plural sense. More specifically, through a shared experience that includes dialogue, readings, videos, and a group project, we will explore how identity and positionality form the understanding we have of ourselves, our communities, and our global society.

Spring Semester of Your First Year

CLA 2005: Introduction to Liberal Education and Responsible Citizenship

This course will focus on the themes of identity, community, and leadership. We will focus on developing dimensions of personal and social responsibility to include contributing to a larger community and taking seriously the perspectives of others. In this course, we will turn to real-world stories and voices to explore our potential for greater understanding, compassion, empathy, resilience, democratic imagination, and critical citizenship.

Fall or Spring Semester of Your Second Year

CLA 3002, Career Kickstarter: Finding Internships and Other Career-Related Experiences

This course helps you explore and apply for internships or other career-related opportunities for undergraduate students (e.g., undergraduate research, leadership, etc.). You'll have opportunities to begin learning and gaining experience through employer engagement within the class.

Assignments include researching internship options, writing cover letters, and learning how to network as a student.