Getting Career Ready

Experience Header

Why is Experience—the second phase of the CLA Career Management Model—so crucial to you as a liberal arts student?

  • It helps you explore academic and career options through doing. 
  • That doing can help you settle upon — or decide against — a major or career.
  • Perhaps most importantly, experience builds your Core Career Competencies and related skills, so that you can demonstrate them to prospective employers or graduate/professional school admissions committees.

There are many ways for you to gain experience as a CLA student, far more than you might be aware of. As the University of Minnesota’s comprehensive Student Engagement website shows, you have lots of experiential paths to explore. Take advantage of the U’s urban location by doing an internship (or two or three!) or try volunteering in a career field of interest. Engage with faculty through research or build competencies through either on- or off-campus employment. Explore the many ways to get involved in leadership opportunities or student groups. If you want a truly unique experience, consider learning abroad and away!

Keep in mind always that Handshake is available to you as a comprehensive resource for finding specific experiential opportunities you can pursue.

Remember, too, to document and reflect upon your many experiences using RATE™ (Reflect-Articulate-Translate-Evaluate)!