Domestic Exchanges

Domestic Exchange
  • National Student Exchange (NSE) allows you to study at another school in the US or Canada for a semester or a year. You can choose from almost 200 schools and access many new classes, while still earning credit toward your U of M degree.
  • HECUA offers one-semester programs are based in the Twin Cities and focus on social justice issues. They combine classes, volunteer work, and an internship. Focus on the environment, arts, writing, urban studies, civil rights, or agriculture.
  • Philosophy Camp is a 4-week summer class is a unique living-and-learning experience on the Minnesota prairie.
  • Global Leadership for Social Change: A Cedar-Riverside Immersion is a 3-credit May term course that allows students to be immersed in the Cedar-Riverside community in Minneapolis and examine questions of leadership, power, cultural diversity, and social change.
  • Organic Farming, Sustainability, and Food Justice is an experiential learning course that teaches methods of organic farming in a feminist environmentalist framework. Learn, farm, and eat together!