Faculty Research Interests

Below is a list of faculty research interests and research opportunities for students by department and program:


The Department of Anthropology specializes in diverse and intensive research themes all around our world.

Geography, Environment, & Society/Urban Studies

The Department of Geography, Environment & Society covers a vast array of themes in the field. Explore some of the research topics and specialties of our faculty.


The Department of History engages in research covering a wide variety of geographical regions, time periods and intellectual themes.

Political Science

The Department of Political Science covers a vast array of themes in the field. Explore some of the research topics and specialties of students and faculty.


The Department of Economics' partnership with the Heller-Hurwicz Economics Institute provides unique opportunities for students

Research Institutes

Research Centers & Collaborations
Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies, Center for Medieval Studies, Institute for Global Studies, Minnesota Population Center

The Institute for Global Studies - Collabative for International Research Centers
IGS is one of several research centers that comprises the Collaborative for International Research Centers. 


The Department of Psychology continues to rank as one of the top psychology departments in the world. We are one of the most productive psychology departments in terms of our research activity and the level of external contract and grant support awarded.

Educational Psychology

The Department of Educational Psychology helps tackle some of the toughest issues in education today, including achievement gaps, autism, and behavioral and social-emotional development.

Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences

The Department of Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences covers a vast array of themes in the field. Explore some of the research topics and specialties of our faculty.

American Indian Studies

Faculty Research
American Indian Community Engagement Opportunities
Ojibwe People’s Dictionary
Native American Community Development Institute

Student Groups

COIN: Circle of Indigenous Nations, AISCC: American Indian Student Cultural Center, American Indian Cultural House, American Indian Science and Engineering Society (AISES), Canoe Rising
Canoe Rising: Student group dedicated to “studying indigenous canoe cultures and kinships between indigenous communities, their respective homelands and non-human relatives.”
Contact: Ines Diaz

American Studies

The Department of American Studies is fortunate to work collaboratively with many other departments and programs at the University.


The Department of Art features Faculty Research and Work and Student and Faculty work.

Asian and Middle Eastern Studies

The Department of Asian & Middle Eastern Studies faculty members are committed to the study of language and cultural phenomena of East, South, and Southeast Asia.

Chicano-Latino Studies

The Department of Chicano & Latino Studies is proud to be community partners with local and regional schools, programs, and organizations supporting a strong and vibrant Latino community and a healthy Minnesota community.

Classical & Near Eastern Studies

The Department of Classical Near Eastern Studies have research projects from our award-winning faculty, who travel all over the world examining artifacts from the Bronze Age through Late Antiquity, Projects on Resurrecting Early Christian Lives and The Temple Scroll of Qumran.

Communication Studies

The Department of Communication Studies makes a strong commitment to undergraduate research with courses like COMM 3990 Research Practicum or COMM 3970 Directed Study are avenues for course-credit research.

Cultural Studies and Comparative Literature

The Department of Cultural Studies & Comparative Literature research focuses are diverse and we publish in top academic journals.