BA in Developmental Psychology

The College of Liberal Arts offers a bachelor of arts (BA) in Child Psychology which is administered through the Institute of Child Development.

The Institute of Child Development (Department of Child Psychology) is proud to be a premier center of scholarship, teaching, and outreach devoted to the understanding and fostering of child development. Further, students benefit from the knowledge and expertise of the number one ranked developmental psychology program in the nation (U.S. News and World Report).

Current CLA students can declare their major by emailing Meghan Allen Eliason:
Non-CLA students must first be admitted to the College of Liberal Arts.


Child psychology focuses on behavioral development from the prenatal period to maturity in the areas of cognition, ethology, genetics, language, learning, perception, and social behavior. 

Our BA in Child Psychology provides students with a well-rounded liberal arts foundation. Combining extensive coursework in developmental psychology, a second language requirement, and a field study experience, students are prepared for diverse careers and additional training in many areas such as early childhood education, counseling, health sciences, and human service programs. Also, given fewer credits in the major, a child psychology BA can easily be paired with another CLA major or minor.

The second language requirement provides invaluable cultural insight and preparation for working with diverse populations after college. Students pursuing a BA can also choose to complete a minimum of one semester of field study or directed research. Completing a field study experience connects your child psychology courses to real-world experiences and provides you an opportunity to develop your career skills working with children.  

A BA in Child Psychology is also excellent preparation for graduate school work with young people.  Some common areas of further study include pediatric healthcare (MD, PT, OT, etc.), counseling and mental health, or education.

The College of Liberal Arts also offers a bachelor of science (BS) in Child Psychology as well as a minor in Child Psychology