BA in Human Physiology

The goal of the Human Physiology major is to help students understand the function of individual human organ systems, appreciate the interdependence of organ system function and relate homeostatic regulation to health and disease in the human body. This knowledge is gained by pursuing systematic studies of cells, tissues, organs and animals. The Human Physiology program places an emphasis on understanding the underlying mechanisms of these systems within mammalian organisms in terms of the biological, chemical and physical laws that govern them. This integrative approach, spanning the basic science spectrum, places the discipline of human physiology at the forefront of the education of future health science professionals.

The Human Physiology major can accommodate students interested in any a variety of fields related to health and biological sciences. The flexibility of our course of study allows students to tailor their coursework to their academic and career interests.  Our graduates can be found in graduate and professional degree programs across the spectrum of the basic and clinical sciences. We encourage you to explore our program and consider Human Physiology as you choose your undergraduate major.