Ann Hill Duin and Isabel Pedersen's Book is Now Available

Ann Hill Duin & Isabel Pedersen's book, Writing Futures: Collaborative, Algorithmic, Autonomous, is now published. 

This book is useful to understand and write alongside non-human agents, examine the impact of algorithms and AI on writing, and accommodate relationships with autonomous agents. This ground-breaking future-driven framework prepares scholars and practitioners to investigate and plan for the social, digital literacy, and civic implications arising from emerging technologies. This book prepares researchers, students, practitioners, and citizens to work with AI writers, virtual humans, and social robots. This book explores prompts to envision how fields and professions will change. The book’s unique integration with Fabric of Digital Life, a database and structured content repository for conducting social and cultural analysis of emerging technologies, provides concrete examples throughout. Readers gain imperative direction for collaborative, algorithmic, and autonomous writing futures.

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