Senior Capstone

What is the capstone?

The capstone is a 1-credit requirement to be taken during a student's senior year. The project addresses a topic in writing studies related to a WRIT course that the student is or has taken. Students generally work with a Writing Studies instructor to complete the project. The nature of the capstone project is flexible. It can be a research paper on a proposed topic related to coursework, or it can be a project that involves empirical research and creation of a document (such as a usability report, a technical report, a design, a website, etc.). Students should discuss the nature of the project with the instructor. Students must obtain signature of instructor agreeing to oversee the student's capstone project.

Please register within the first FOUR weeks of a given semester. Students must complete a form describing their capstone project, naming the faculty member, and get agreement from that faculty member.

The capstone must be done in conjunction with a concurrent 3xxx or 4xxx level course in Writing Studies that the student is taking or has recently taken. Suggested courses include 3671, 3701, 4501, 3102W, 3244W, 4662W, 3315, 3381W, 3577W. There is a suggested two-student limit per faculty member each semester, so it's a good idea to plan ahead.

Steps to Register for Writ 4995:

  1. Choose the class you plan to use for your capstone project from an upcoming or previous semester, and brainstorm a potential paper or project that you might complete in conjunction with the class.
  2. Identify the instructor of your chosen class, set a time to meet with the instructor to discuss your proposed capstone project, and get approval from the instructor.
  3. Complete the Capstone Contract: Download the contract, add information briefly describing your capstone project (along with a timeline for completion), and obtain signature of overseeing instructor. [Sample Capstone Project Timeline]
  4. Submit your completed form to Shannon Klug in 218 Nolte Center, who will give you a permission number to register for WRIT 4995.
Course Number Course Title Instructor Email Type of Project
WRIT 3101W Writing Arguments Donald Ross
Extension of final project
WRIT 3152W Writing on Issues of Science and Technology Molly Kessler TBA
WRIT 3221W Communication Modes and Methods Richard Graff
Arranged with instructor
WRIT 3244W Critical Literacies: How Words Change the World Patrick Bruch
Extension of final project
WRIT 3315 Writing on Issues of Land and Environment Tom Reynolds Extension of final paper
WRIT 3371W Technology, Self, and Society Capper Nichols TBA
WRIT 3381W Writing and Modern Cultural Movements Tom Reynolds Extension of final project
WRIT 3441 Editing, Critique, and Style Barb Horvath
Editing Project
WRIT 3441 Editing, Critique, and Style Mary Schuster TBA
WRIT 3405W Humanistic Health Care and Communication Bill West TBA
WRIT 3577W Rhetoric, Technology, and the Internet John Logie TBA
WRIT 3671 Visual Rhetoric and Document Design John Logie Extension of final project
WRIT 3671 Visual Rhetoric and Document Design Barb Horvath Extended design project
WRIT 3701W Rhetorical Theory John Logie Extension of final project
WRIT 3701W Rhetorical Theory Richard Graff TBD
WRIT 4431 Science, Technology, and the Law Mary Schuster Will work on a hypothetical law case
WRIT 4562W International Professional Communication Ann Hill Duin Will develop and offer an online workshop to help participants increase their global communicative competence
WRIT 4662W Writing with Digital Technologies Ann Hill Duin TBA
WRIT 4662W Writing with Digital Technologies Dan Card TBA

Examples of past capstone project titles:

  • Creating E-Learning (Writ 3001)
  • Skepticisms of the HPV Vaccine (Writ 3152W)
  • Global Warming, Renewable Energy, and Sustainability: A Change in Progress (Writ 3371W)
  • Writing and the American Diet (Writ 3381W)
  • Creating a Drupal User Guide (WRIT 3671)
  • Creating Style Guide for CLA (Writ 3441)
  • The Origin of Democracy (Writ 3701W)
  • Rhetorical Applications for Web Design (Writ 3701W)
  • Website Redesign and Reflection (WRIT 3671)
  • Food Law, Technology, and Advancement throughout Time (Writ 4431W)
  • A Rhetorical Approach to Developing Website Content (Writ 4501)
  • How Usable is the "It's for Children Foundation" Website? (Writ 4501)
  • Research on Hennepin County Library Web Site Usability Recommendations (Writ 4501)
  • Usability of the Parking and Transportation Services Website (Writ 4501)
  • Forecasting Solutions: Inhibiting Fusarium Wilt (3102)  

Writ 4995H for Honors Students:

Honors students should register for Writ 4995H to satisfy their TWC capstone requirement. One credit fulfills the TWC requirement, but Writ 4995H may be repeated, for up to two credits. Please work with your honors advisor for direction on fulfilling the honors requirements.