Certificate & MS Job Placement

Graduates of our certificate and MS programs hold jobs with titles such as technical writer and editor, web content writer and manager, online content/social media editor, e-learning designer, technical content architect, senior usability consultant, and senior training specialist.

Our MS and certificate graduates have found careers at a variety of businesses and institutions around the globe:

  • Albion Government Services
  • Banner Engineering Corp
  • Brain Traffic
  • Comtech
  • Dashe & Thomson
  • Eli Lilly
  • Hewlett-Packard
  • IBM
  • Mayo Clinic
  • Meditech
  • Medtronic
  • Prime Therapeutics
  • Ramsey County Community Human Services
  • Seward Incorporated
  • Stellar Interactions
  • Target
  • United Defense
  • Up North Consulting
  • Walmer & Associates

Job Outlook

The most recent information from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics reports expectations of growth across technical communication fields.

Technical Writer Facts from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics  
Median Pay (2018) $71,850 per year 
$34.54 per hour
Number of Jobs (2016) 52,400
Job Outlook (2016-26) 11% (Faster than average)
Employment Change (2016-26) 5,700