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MA & PhD Funding

All MA and PhD students admitted to the graduate program are provided financial support (two years for the MA and five for the PhD). This support is primarily in the form of graduate instructorships, teaching one course per semester, usually University Writing (WRIT 1301) or Technical and Professional Writing (WRIT 3562W). Experienced instructors may apply to teach other advanced writing courses.

Following the first year, students who qualify can teach a summer course. In subsequent summers, teaching, dissertation research funding, or fellowship opportunities exist on a competitive basis. During the academic year, students may apply for single-semester fellowships or research assistantships.


For half-time service, graduates students receive:

Continued financial support is contingent upon successful teaching performance as well as timely and satisfactory degree progress in the program.

Center for Writing Job Opportunities

As an interdisciplinary center devoted to the practice, teaching, and study of writing, the Center for Writing encourages writing-studies graduate students to apply for TA positions in its Student Writing Support program, as well as RA positions with the Writing-Enriched Curriculum project. Openings are typically announced in February for the following academic year by the Center for Writing.


Students must be admitted and in good academic standing to hold these positions, and also must be registered for at least six credits a semester to maintain their status.

Graduate Certificate in Technical Communication Funding

Students admitted to a post-baccalaureate licensure program should contact One Stop and ask about the financial aid eligibility of this program.

Other Funding Resources