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Rosselot-Merritt's article on perceptions of technical and professional communication published in Technical Communication

March 10, 2020

Jeremy Rosselot-Merritt's article "Fertile Grounds: What Interviews of Working Professionals Can Tell Us about Perceptions of Technical Communication and the Viability of Technical Communication as a Field" was published in the February 2020 issue of Technical Communication. In this article, Rosselot-Merritt explores perceptions of workplace communication through interviews of 14 professionals in a variety of disciplines, discusses implications for technical and professional communication (TPC) as a field of practice, and reflects on potential ideas for better aligning industry and academic perspectives on the field.

Citation: Rosselot-Merritt, J. (2020). Fertile grounds: What interviews of working professionals can tell us about perceptions of technical communication and the viability of technical communication as a field. Technical Communication, 67(1), 38-62.