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Writing Studies Presentations Accepted for RSA 2018

November 15, 2017

RSA is in Minneapolis for 2018 and our department will be well represented. Congratulations to everyone who had their proposals accepted!

  • Niki Cuilla, "Rhetoric Repair and the Circulation of Environmental Writing: A Case Study of the 2016 Great Barrier Reef Obituary"
  • Ann Hill Duin, Megan McGrath, Joe Moses, and Jason Tham, "Virtual Reality, Virtual Rhetoric: Toward Audience Immersed"
  • Ryan Eichberger, "Digital Tools and Visual Culture at Standing Rock: Narrating Space, Place, and Culture"
  • Juliette Lapeyrouse-Cherry, "Ecology, Energy, and Rhetoric and Writing Pedagogy: Moving Beyond Metaphor Toward Environmentally Just Teaching and Practice"
  • John Logie, "E-Books of The Times? Nostalgic Rhetorics in the New York Times’ Discussions of Electronic Books”
  • Sarah Puett, "In[ter]vention and Racial Justice: Local Literacy Events as a Critical Category"
  • Jason Tham, Ashley Clayson, and Brigitte Mussack, "Reinventing Rhetoric, Materializing and Embodying Invention"
  • Jeremy Rosselot-Merritt, "Explicit, Implicit, and Contextual Rhetoric in Technical Communication Pedagogy"
  • Eduardo Nevarez, "Understanding positions of possibilities through rhetorical invention in transnational labor context"
  • Nathan Bollig will be the junior scholar on a panel with Dawn Armfield, Smiljana Antonijević, and Laura Gurak on "Reinventing Trust in the Digital Age." His presentation title is "#ItWasNeverADress: Reimagining Ethos in a Case Study of Feminist Activism."