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Lee-Ann Kastman Breuch receives book contract with Routledge, ATTW Series in Technical Communication

September 19, 2017

Lee-Ann Kastman Breuch recently received a book contract with Routledge, ATTW Series in Technical Communication (series editor Tharon Howard) for the book Involving the Audience: A Rhetorical Perspective of Using Social Media to Improve Websites. Breuch examines usability challenges raised by large complex websites, and she proposes ways researchers can expand website usability research by using social media to better understand audience perspectives. Using the website as an initial illustration, Breuch explains how large complex websites are inherently challenged by open-ended, interactive tasks that often have multiple pathways to completion. She further illustrates these challenges through two case studies, each addressing the launch of an interactive, complex website for a large public audience. She analyzes social media responses related to these cases to demonstrate audience profiles as well as ways audiences become active participants in website usability.