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Rachel Presley Published in Peitho

August 18, 2020

Rachel Presley has an essay in the special issue of Peitho dedicated to trans rhetorics, guest edited by K.J. Rawson and GPat Patterson. Rachel's essay is on Two-Spirit critique, GLBTQ2 literature, and the sustained call to dismantle white language supremacy and contains an extensive lit review/bibliography of Indigenous critical theory. Congrats Rachel!

Read: Toward a Trans Sovereignty: Why We Need Indigenous Rhetorics to Decolonize Gender and Sexuality

Abstract: This exploratory essay seeks to orient transgender rhetorics towards a non-white, Indigenous vocabulary. In disrupting and dislocating our rhetorical landscape from its traditionally settler context, I offer Native Two-Spirit critique as a particular productive departure from the conventional conceptualization of Euromerican GLBTQ taxonomies. I draw upon Native critical theorists, such as Qwo-Li Driskell, Brian Joseph Gilley, Scott Lauria Morgensen, and Andrea Smith to echo the call that any decolonial movement within trans, queer, and feminist studies must work to examine the ways in which heteropatriarchy intersects with settler colonialism.