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Writing Studies at ATTW 2017

March 7, 2017

Writing Studies Professors Lee-Ann Kastman Breuch and Ann Hill Duin, and PhD students Nathan Bollig, Chakrika Veeramoothoo, Jeremy Rosselot-Merritt, and Rachel Tofteland-Trampe, are presenting at the Association of Teachers of Technical Writing (ATTW) conference in Portland, Oregon, on March 15. For more informaiton, please see the 2017 sessions PDF.

Breuch, Bollig, Veeramoothoo, and Rosselot-Merritt are presenting a panel, "Critical Competencies in Technical and Professional Communication: Strategic Directions." 

  • Lee-Ann Kastman Breuch, "Vertical, Horizontal, and Institutional Curriculum"
  • Nathan William Bollig, "Mapping the Gaps and Overlaps in First-Year and Technical Writing Programs"
  • Saveena Veeramoothoo, "Across WEC in STEM and Technical and Professional Communication Courses"
  • Jeremy Rosselot-Merritt, "From Program to Practice"

Rachel Tofteland-Trampe is presenting "Developing Digital Literacies: Engaging Technical Communication at an Urban Community Technology Center " at the graduate research awards panel.

Ann Hill Duin is chairing the session "Designing for Better Technological Futures: Intersections of Design and Technical Communication". 

RSTC alumna (2015), Abigail Bakke is presenting a poster, "What Do Technical Communicators Need to Know About Research? New Directions for a Graduate Methods Course."