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Writ 3562W & 4562 Students Curate Team-based Collections

April 5, 2019

Congratulations to our students who recently published new team-based curated collections, with the Fabric of Digital Life database (University of Ontario Institute of Technology, Decimal Lab). Decimal Lab is collaborated with Writing Studies faculty Ann Hill Duin and graduate students Jason Tham and Danielle Stambler to create student-led embodied technology collections in Fabric.

Writ 3562W

Emerging Technologies for Technical Communication

As part of the WRIT 3562W Technical and Professional Writing course led by instructors Jason Tham, 24 undergraduate students have located emerging technologies across multiple industries with the attempt to envision how these technologies will shape the future of technical communication. As archivists, these students gathered multiple artifacts in response to the questions above. This collection seeks to explore the emergence of breakthroughs in the technological field that help to facilitate technical communication. 

Archivist Team: Khadir Albert, Bennett Christenson, Becca Waletzko, Brianna Cochlin, Sydney Rottman, Kelly Wolfe, Mariah Mullen, Adam Scow, Kevin Tchalla, Guangwei Wu, Taylor Huntley, Baylee Bessingpas, Sean McNally, Sarah Cohen, Irma Frlj, Nicole Gocker, Haley Sventek, Zachary Thomas, Timothy Kutyla, Matthew Stellpflug, Amir Coffey, JaeHeui Kim, Eleanor Stenglein, and Kendra Vigdal

Wearables and Carryables for Everyday Communication: Past, Present, Future

Students in Daniel Stambler's WRIT 3562W section also created a collection.

Archivist Team: Kamal Baker, Emma Begalka, Katharine Crockett, Sarah Elmes, Ky Lan Nguyen, Eric Olson, Kayla Prue, Raghd Qamhiyeh, Abraham Robles-Quito, Somanea Touch, Regan Wood, Jinghui Zhou

Writ 4562

Four teams in WRIT 4562, International Professional Communication, taught by Ann Hill Duinn also created collections. 

What Language Sounds Like: Wearable Devices in Translation Communication

Curators: Kristine Ryan, Sue Loly, and Miranda De la Victoria 

Cultural Reality - A VR Experience

Curators: Nathan Snyder, Parrker Burgan, and Hannah Wind 

AR From Conception to Reality

Curators: Rachel Blissenbach, Nathan Brummer, Danijela Krstic and Christina Yoong 

Implanted and Embedded Medical Devices

Curators: Katharine Gruber, Stephanie Gawtry, and Jonathan Peterson


Fabric: Emerging Technologies for Technical Communication. Curated by Dr. Jason Tham and Writ 3562W students University of Minnesota