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Featured TCAB Member: Jim Hall

May 26, 2017
Portrait of Jim Hall
Jim Hall, CIO Ramsey County

Jim Hall has been a part of the University of Minnesota for as long as he can remember. He worked at the Morris campus for five and one-half years as the Director of Information Technology and for 12 years on the Twin Cities campus in the Office of Information Technology at various positions where he managed over 1,100 servers.  Jim is still involved at the University of Minnesota-Morris where he teaches CSCI 4609: Processes, Programming, and Languages (online) and serves as a dedicated TCAB member.

After completing his undergraduate program at the University of Minnesota, Jim completed the MS in Scientific and Technical Communication program in 2014 and now works as the CIO at Ramsey County. His interest in technical communications arose from his work with open source software. While working with open source software, Jim started doing a little bit of everything from coding to website development and eventually started a documentation effort for Free DOS so he could better communicate how to configure and customize it.

When asked why he was interested in joining the TCAB, he said that he wanted to continue to work with the University of Minnesota and its efforts to always give its students the best chance at success.