Jason Tham and Joe Moses co-edit special issue of JBTC

Jason Tham (PhD in RSTC, 2019), Joe Moses (Senior Lecturer in Writing Studies), Rebecca Pope-Ruark, and Trey Conner co-edited a special issue of the Journal of Business and Technical Communication (JBTC), which is now available. 

Special Issue: Design-Thinking Approaches in Technical and Professional Communication

As process experts, user advocates, and project leaders, technical and professional communicators will encounter design-thinking practices in the workforce. Although the term design thinking might ultimately be a buzzword for companies making a nod to innovation, the practices and mind-sets connected to design thinking are changing the face of many business and civic enterprises where TPC graduates will work in the future. As such, we invited manuscripts that explore design-thinking approaches in TPC through theory, pedagogy and curriculum design, research, and professional practice. Submissions for this special issue addressed one or both of the following questions: How might the design-thinking process inform our understanding of deliberative rhetorical practice in the classroom, workplace, and community? How might it illuminate the divisions and connections between thinking, making, and doing? As it turned out, this special issue was itself a manifestation of design thinking for us because we engaged radical imagination and pursued a direction that went beyond collecting research articles to include focused literature reviews, interviews with design-thinking scholars and critics, and a set of bibliographies annotated by the editors.  [Permanent Link]

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