Jeremy Rosselot-Merritt published in Business and Professional Communication Quarterly

Jeremy Rosselot-Merritt & Janel Bloch published an article in Business and Professional Communication Quarterly about mentoring graduate students and early career researchers (ECRs) in business and professional communication (BPC). 

"Mentoring in Business and Professional Communication: Case Study of a Multiyear Dynamic"

Abstract: Mentoring of graduate students is essential to the professional development of business and professional communication (BPC) scholars; it also helps advance the field of BPC and its disciplinary identity. In this article, a professor and graduate student use a case-study approach incorporating historical/archival data collection and grounded in critical reflection to describe and characterize their own long-term, cross-institutional mentoring relationship. They analyze artifacts from their mentoring experience; discuss benefits and challenges to mentoring in BPC; offer implications for mentees, mentors, and academic programs in creating formal mentoring plans; and suggest topics for further research.

Graduate Students
Research and Creative Work
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