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Other courses from other departments may be acceptable. Contact the Director of Graduate Studies (DGS) prior to enrolling in a course to confirm that it satisfies this requirement.

Core Courses (Required)

Course Title

POL 8311

Political Psychology and Socialization

PSY 8201 Social Cognition
POL 8307/8 Proseminar in Political Psychology
PSY 8211/2 Proseminar in Political Psychology

JOUR 8661

PSY 8814/8815; POL 8106/8123; EPSY 9261/8262; STAT 5021/5302

Journalism and Mass Communications

Two Method Course (6.0 cr) related to student goals

Electives (Not Required)

Course Title

AFRO 8202 Intellectual History of Race
AFRO 8554 Gender, Race, Nation and Policy
COMM 5221 Media, Race and Identity
COMM 5401 Advanced Theories of Communication
COMM 5402 Advanced Interpersonal Communication
COMM 5404 Language and Culture
COMM 5411 Small Group Communication Research
COMM 5431 The Process of Persuasion
COMM 5441 Communication in Human Organizations
COMM 5451 Intercultural Communication Processes
COMM 5617 History and Criticism of US Public Discourses
COMM 8402 Interpersonal Communication
COMM 8403 Emotion and Communication
EPSY 8113 The Psychology of Scientific Reasoning
EPSY 8132 Personality Development and Socialization
IDSC 8711 Cognitive Science
IDSC 8721 Behavioral Decision Theory
IDSC 8722 Heuristic Decision Making
JOUR 5251 Psychology of Advertising
JOUR 5501 Communication and Public Opinion
JOUR 8514 Advanced Mass Communication Theory
JOUR 8650 Psychology of Media Effects
JOUR 8651 Mass Media and Social Change
JOUR 8681 Media and Globalization
LAW 6831 Law, Race and Social Psychology
NSCI 5101 Introduction to Neuroscience
PA 5012 The Politics of Public Affairs
PA 5106 Government, Ethics and the Public Will
PA 5301 Population Methods and Issues for the US and the Third World
PA 5401 Poverty, Inequality and Public Policy
PA 5421 Racial Inequality and Public Policy
PA 5711 Science and Technology Policy
PA 5801 US Foreign Policy: Process and Analysis
PA 8821 National Security Policy
POL 8302 Public Opinion and Political Participation
POL 8305 Interest Groups and Social Movements
POL 8360 Race and Politics
POL 8360 Mass Communication and Attitude Change
POL 8402 Conflict Dynamics and Security
POL 8641 Comparative Mass Political Behavior
PSY 5014 Psychology of Human Learning and Memory
PSY 5101 Personality
PSY 5138 Psychology of Aging
PSY 5202 Attitudes and Social Behavior
PSY 5205 Applied Social Psychology
PSY 5207 Personality and Social Behavior
PSY 8203 Impression Management
PSY 8204 Social Pyschology of Prejudice and Intergroup Relations
PSY 8205 Principles of Social Psychology
PSY 8208 The Self
PSY 8210 Law, Race and Social Psychology


Course Title

EPSY 5244 Survey Design, Sampling and Implementation
EPSY 8261 Statistical Methods I: Probability and Inference
EPSY 8262 Statistical Methods II: Regression and the Linear Model
JOUR 8504 Analyzing Media Content
POL 8106 Quantitative Political Science I
POL 8107 Quantitative Political Science II
PSY 8209 Research Methods in Social Psychology
PSY 8814 Analysis of Psychological Data
PSY 8815 Analysis of Psychological Data
PUBH 8813 Measurement