Gabi Dominguez-Salas

Portrait of Gabi Dominguez-Salas

Gabi Dominguez-Salas received her Bachelor's degree in Global Studies from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County where she also double majored in Gender and Sexuality Studies. She also received her Masters in American Studies from the University of Maryland, College Park, where her MA capstone focused on the oral histories of a group of Colombian immigrant women and their discussion around their lives and identity in Colombia and Maryland. 

Gabi’s research interests lie in Latine identity formation, specifically analyzing the lived experiences of South American immigrants in the U.S. In her graduate studies, Gabi strives to provide an intersectional analysis of the way in which South Americans form their identity in their countries of origin and investigate how their identity shifts after blending with their experiences within the U.S racial structures once they immigrate. Gabi herself is the daughter of Colombian and Peruvian immigrants and uses her personal experiences, as well as her family’s, as inspiration for her work.

Gabi joins American Studies as part of an initiative to promote critical Latinx Studies scholarship and to build a diverse Critical Latinx Studies cohort.

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