College of Liberal Arts graduates have the potential to make an enormous impact on some of the most pressing problems we face today. Our alumni go on to succeed in many different fields because they understand the complexities of today’s world.

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  • "Trust yourself, trust your partners, trust CLA and your advisors, and—it’s so true—make connections."

  • "When the students share their stories, they get to see how powerful their voices are."

  • Senior Tab Zhang is ready to show future employers that he is primed to start deploying his liberal arts education.

  • "[Companies] need people with the skills that I thought [weren't cool.] Now that’s what employers are saying they need."

  • We are preparing the next generation of global citizens.

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Through our Shattering Expectations fundraising campaign, we're transforming CLA into a destination college by advancing research and creative excellence, elevating the student experience, and building bridges between campus and community.

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