Maria Higueros-Canny

Portrait of Maria Higueros-Canny

Maria Higueros-Canny identifies as Guatemalan American and uses she/her pronouns. Maria completed her undergraduate degree at the University of Minnesota with a double major in Spanish/Portuguese and Global Studies. Maria completed a master’s degree from the University of New South Wales that focused on International Social Development and International Human Rights Law. Most recently she received a Master of English as a Second Language from Hamline University. Additionally, Maria has 14 years of experience working as an EL educator in Minnesota Public Schools. While in graduate school at the University of Minnesota, Maria plans to examine post-1965 immigration from Central America to Minnesota. As a graduate student, Maria’s goals are to: 1) deepen her understanding of immigration, assimilation, and identity in a United States context (historically, culturally and linguistically), 2) identify the comparable history and experiences between Chicanos and Central Americans in the United States, and 3) explore the expanding ideas of the Latino identity and their experiences. With this knowledge, Maria wants to explore the socio-cultural dimensions of migration, including linguistic and cultural assimilation/acculturation patterns; persistence, resistance, and tension in immigrant communities across and between in a Minnesota-specific context. 

Maria joins American Studies as part of an initiative to promote critical Latinx Studies scholarship and to build a diverse Critical Latinx Studies cohort.

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