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The Chinese Flagship program is authorized by the National Security Education Program (NSEP) to train students who are interested in achieving superior-level Mandarin Chinese proficiency in order to obtain Capstone status. NSEP will grant you Certified Flagship status after you complete the Chinese Flagship program and your Capstone year in China. The application process is simple and separated into stages.

Next Application Deadline:
Spring 2017

Application Process

Declare your interest in the Chinese Flagship at anytime. Become part of "Flagship Bound:" send Zhen Zou an email at, and we will add you to this group.

  1. PDF iconApply to Chinese Flagship program.
  2. Complete pre-Capstone preparations.
  3. Apply for your Capstone year in China.
  4. Receive Capstone status from National Security Education Program (NSEP).

How to Apply

When should I apply?
We suggest you apply during your
third semester (or equivalent) of
Chinese language in the Department
of Asian Languages and Literatures (ALL).

Follow the application instructions in the online PDF iconChinese Flagship application (PDF). You must complete the Chinese proficiency test* to complete the application process. Once you are admitted to Chinese Flagship program, you will begin your pre-Capstone training. We will help you develop advanced-level Mandarin Chinese proficiency, track your progress, and prepare you for your Capstone year in China.

Online Application Form

To submit your online application form, include your:

  • Completed PDF iconChinese Flagship application (PDF)
  • Short description of your professional plans and your commitment to Flagship training
  • Academic record (an unofficial undergraduate transcript)
  • Results from your Chinese proficiency test

*The ALL Chinese Proficiency Test is an internal test run by the Chinese Flagship program at UMN. Please contact Jiang Liu at regarding test issues.