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Politics in Higher Education

Featuring Kathryn Pearson, Bill Doherty, and Colin Agur
April 15, 2021 - 3:30pm

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University of Minnesota faculty members whose research focuses on the Spotlight Series topic for this season will present a response discussion in which they reflect on the first five events of the series. They will frame these events in the context of the larger issue of polarization and identity in America—past, present, and future. Featuring Hubbard School Assistant Professor Colin Agur, along with Kathryn Pearson and Bill Doherty

The University of Minnesota Spotlight Series is a collaborative partnership between the Institute for Advanced Study, Northrop, and the University Honors Program to present lectures, panel discussions, exhibits, and other events throughout the academic year around timely topics of interest. The six-part 2020-21 series will focus on polarization and identities, inspired by both the 2020 presidential election and the polarization that has appeared in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. In an academic year that includes an election, and in an environment in which conversations across different identities and ideologies are becoming increasingly contentious, we hope to model ways to create meaningful dialogue about these difficult-but-important topics for our students and community.

The moderator for all six events will be John Rash, an editorial writer for the Star Tribune, who focuses on media and politics. All events are Thursdays 3:30-5:00 pm via Zoom webinar.