Events Coordinator

Events coordinators are responsible for planning and execution of an organization's events. Events can range from concerts to sales conventions to trade shows to customer appreciation dinners, and can range from five people to many thousand. The planner handles all of the details and coordinates with vendors, staff and other interested parties. While exotic locations, plush resorts and famous people may be involved, the life of an event coordinator also includes long hours, stress and 24x7 problem solving.

Basic Skills and Competencies

  • Detail-oriented
  • Excellent project management skills
  • Willingness to do most anything
  • Budget management
  • Flexibility

Patricia Hall is the Events Coordinator for the Office of Development and Alumni Relations in the College of Liberal Arts at the University of Minnesota. Prior to joining the University, she worked for an event planning company located in New Orleans as an event planner, planning various meetings, conferences, parties and other events. She also had internships at Target and MetLife. Patricia has a mass communications and journalism degree with an emphasis in public relations from the University of St. Thomas and an MBA from the College of St. Scholastica.

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  • What role does technology play in your job?
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Courses to Help Prepare You (Within SJMC)

  • JOUR 3102: Multimedia Production and Storytelling
  • JOUR 3321: Media Design
  • JOUR 3279W: Professional¬†Writing for Strategic Communication
  • JOUR 3275: Digital Strategy in Strategic Communication
  • JOUR 3775: Administrative Law and Regulation for Strategic Communication
  • JOUR 4262: Management for Strategic Communication
  • JOUR 5501: Communication, Public Opinion and Social Media

Courses to Help Prepare You (Outside SJMC)

  • MGMT 3001: Fundamentals of Management
  • MKTG 3001: Principles of Marketing
  • ACCT 2050: Introduction to Financial Reporting
  • Consider a minor in management, marketing or design

Student Groups

  • Ad Club

Participate In

  • Student organizations that host events (Greek houses, student clubs, athletic groups)
  • Student Union Activities Board
  • College Ambassador programs within the U of MN


  • Look for internships at events management companies
  • in PR firms or with corporate communications department
  • within college development offices or college communications offices at the U of MN

Your Career

Career Resources

Professional Organizations

Potential Job Titles

  • Events Manager
  • Meeting Planner
  • Conference Director
  • Trade Show Coordinator
  • Convention Services Manager

Where Alumni Work

  • Target
  • Mpls. St. Paul Magazine

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