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Graduate Minor in Mass Communication

If you are seeking your MA or PhD in other departments at the University of Minnesota, you may complete a minor in mass communication. You must plan your minor program with the Director of Graduate Studies or another member of the HSJMC graduate faculty. All your minor course work must be 5xxx-level or 8xxx-level; inclusion of 4xxx-level courses on minor programs is subject to approval by the Director of Graduate Studies.

MA minor is a minimum of nine credits in a coherent area, with at least six credits at the 8xxx-level, while the PhD minor program is a minimum of 14 credits in a coherent disciplinary area. To complete your PhD minor in mass communication, you must take a preliminary written examination covering your course work.

You will need an endorsement of your minor program from the Director of Graduate Studies on your MA or PhD degree program form to submit it to the Graduate School. If you are interested in pursuing a mass communication minor, you should list the appropriate courses on your degree program plan and obtain the signature of the HSJMC Director of Graduate Studies before you submit your form to the Graduate School.