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Real-World Experience & Study Abroad

At SJMC, students gain real-world experience through a number of different outlets: by researching with faculty members, participating in internships at organizations ranging from media outlets to Fortune 500 companies, and through SJMC’s Alumni Mentor Program, which pairs students with a professional mentor.

To be prepared for the marketplace after graduation, you should gain internship experience with at least two organizations. An internship allows you to get valuable on-the-job experience and expand your professional network. You can read internship success stories and learn how other SJMC students landed an internship. We hope these stories will inspire you as you search for your own internship opportunities.

SJMC also helps students connect with alumni through a mentoring program sponsored by the SJMC Alumni Society. For the last three decades, the SJMC alumni board has made hundreds of mentoring matches, connecting SJMC juniors and seniors with professionals willing to share their experiences.

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Also, learn about some of our current interns at our Internship Success Stories page.