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Madeleine Buchholz

October 16, 2018

US Policy Intern, ONE Campaign


Political Science

“My internship with ONE shaped my career goals more than I ever expected it to.”

Getting Here

I got my internship through starting a branch of their organization at the university. I already knew a lot of the people there, had shown an interest in the group, and had proven to have a good work ethic, so they were excited to take me on for the summer. If you’re part of a club on campus, see if they have a headquarters that you can intern at. The more passionate you are about the organization, the better!

The Work

My internship with ONE shaped my career goals more than I ever expected it to. Prior to my internship, my goal was programming in the non-profit sector for an NGO in Washington, D.C. Working for ONE made me realize that a lot of these sorts of NGO's are reliant upon the movements of Congress, and in large part are reactionary. As someone who thrives in a predictably fast paced environment, I feel as though I would be much better served working in a congressional office, driving and creating policy rather than responding to it or trying to influence it.

Tip for Success
  1. Get as much resume feedback as possible and make sure your cover letter is top notch. That’s where you really show a lot of yourself, so make sure you stand out and have individuality, but maintain a professional appearance. It’s a tough balance!
Core Career Competency Developed
  • Career Management