Civic Synergy

Participate in discussions on polarization

Exciting opportunity for UMN students who wish to participate in conversations surrounding polarization while learning life skills and tools as it pertains to engagement, debate, and listening.  Civic Synergy is an undergrad-led student organization that aims to foster productive cross-partisan conversations resulting in a policy-oriented solution that will be presented to members of Congress.  They are looking to engage and expand to the UMN campus.  Interested students should read below for more information.

Civic Syngergy Official Statement:

Political polarization has ravaged the United States in these past few years. This is a critical moment for our nation to heal - for Americans to rediscover each other as neighbors, to find our common principles, and to share a common truth. For that, we need to engage with one another as fellow citizens, hearing each other’s backgrounds and stories and turning outward towards the social and economic problems we are facing as a country.

Civic Synergy was started by students at MIT and aims to foster productive cross-partisan conversations, resulting in the crafting of bipartisan policy solutions sent to members of Congress. As part of the program, young Americans will have the chance to propose real, tractable solutions to combat pressing issues -- while preserving economic development -- with a politically diverse group of peers. Participants will engage in six sessions that include brief informative and inspiring talks followed by facilitated discussions aimed at generating solutions. By the end of the program, participants will not only have discussed realistic pragmatic policy proposals to be presented to members of Congress, but they will have the chance to connect with other passionate individuals and improve your ability to have productive conversations across the aisle.

Participants are able to choose from our three topic selections for Spring 2022: Economic Mobility, Environmentalism, and US and the World. Each topic session will be a total time commitment of around 2 hours/week for six weeks. The program will begin on March 1st and end on April 15th. If you are a young American (18+) interested in participating, please apply to a cohort, visit our website, follow our Instagram, or contact co-founder Mallika Pajjuri at





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