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Reframing the Way We Look at Ancient Civilizations

Third-year undergraduate Amber Jaeger has had several amazing opportunities during her study of biological anthropology, and specifically ape and human evolution. She completed a field work in Kenya this past summer, focusing on paleoanthropological and archaeological methods. In addition, her avid interest in osteology led her to conduct a study on two fossil primate mandibles to help understand when monkeys and ape lineages first split. This project even resulted in a submitted abstract to present her research at the annual meetings of the American Association of Physical Anthropologists.
Photo of yellow and purple prairie flowers

Butterfly Effect

When anthropology and construction management major Jeremiah Cunningham noticed that the butterflies weren't stopping to feed among the grasses planted at the Xcel Energy substation where he was interning, he discovered something that will turn into a win for Xcel Energy and the butterflies.
Photograph of professor Kat Hayes

Paving the Way Towards Preservation

Professor Kat Hayes specializes in archaeology and her research covers issues relating to settler colonialism in North America. Her interests have led her to focus on both history and archaeology, memory, and heritage studies. As a convener of the Institute for Advanced Studies Heritage Collaborative, Kat has made strides towards developing a new, interdisciplinary graduate program that can prepare the next generation of archaeologists and heritage professionals for an interdisciplinary and community-based field.
Photograph of professor Stephen Gudeman

Anthropological Adventures

After a long career dedicated to teaching and research in sociocultural anthropology, Professor Stephen Gudeman has retired. A symposium will be held to honor his career November 20, but until then, we reflect on his anthropological journey. Gudeman’s symposium also kicks off celebrations for “100 Years of Minnesota Anthropology.”

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December 5, 2016

Not To Scale

Professor Hunt will talk about his most recent research, which explores our increasingly confounding relation to “scale.” The shift from material to digital environments along with the...