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Looking up, Northrop Auditorium entrance

Racial Justice Protests and Social Change: Connecting Local Movements, Stories,...

This virtual workshop hosted by the Interdisciplinary Collaborative Workshop (ICW) will focus on the dynamics of protest in historical and comparative perspective, and the political, social, and cultural impact of protest, examining the conditions under which protests produce, or fail to produce, enduring institutional, cultural, and personal change. 
Looking up, Northrop Auditorium entrance

Policing, Public Policy, and Racial Justice: Stories and Analysis from Minneapolis...

This virtual workshop hosted by the Interdisciplinary Collaborative Workshop (ICW) will explore the historical roots of our contemporary model of policing, racist policing practices and cultures, and various public policy proposals for transforming policing and ensuring racial justice. 
David Valentine

Leaving Earth Behind

Associate Professor David Valentine is a cultural and linguistic anthropologist who researches commercial space settlement movement. Valentine believes that studying outer space can help shed light on possible ways of approaching the current climate change crisis.
Photo of Gloria Goodwin Raheja

Music in the Mountains

Professor Gloria Goodwin Raheja has worked in archives across Appalachia and conducted oral history interviews to explore the ways American vernacular music registered transformations in the social and economic landscapes of coal mining communities in the 1920s and 1930s.
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On Purpose: Portrait of Anthropology

Anthropology involves the comprehensive study of human experience. The most basic questions anthropologists ask are “How are humans the same, and how are they different in all times and in all places on earth?” but also “What distinguishes the human from other species and how do different humans understand that difference?” Anthropologists explore these questions by examining people through biological, archaeological, linguistic, and social lenses.
Portrait of Karen Ho

New Ways to See the World

Cultural anthropologist Karen Ho has recently been appointed director of CLA’s Race, Indigeneity, Gender, and Sexuality Studies initiative, which involves the cultural and social frameworks she has used in her research on the culture of finance. “[There are] a lot of intellectual and social synergies between anthropology and the study and critique of power, race, ethnic, and gender studies.”