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Portrait of Karen Ho

New Ways to See the World

Cultural anthropologist Karen Ho has recently been appointed director of CLA’s Race, Indigeneity, Gender, and Sexuality Studies initiative, which involves the cultural and social frameworks she has used in her research on the culture of finance. “[There are] a lot of intellectual and social synergies between anthropology and the study and critique of power, race, ethnic, and gender studies.”
Jen Hughes

Queering Capitalism: A Gender and Sexuality Studies Course Coming to the...

Jen Hughes, a graduate student studying cultural anthropology and linguistics at the University of Minnesota with a vast background in queer and gender studies and digital media, is bringing her expertise in these fields by way of a new course. With funding from a course development grant, she plans to combine the inequalities of capitalism, gender and sexuality, and visual theory into a brand new class coming to the department in 2018.