Graduate Students

Name Specialty Office Hours
Amber Annis    
Sarah Atwood Public history; consumerism and consumer culture; gender, sexuality and women's studies; fashion studies; diversity and inclusion  
Christine Bachman-Sanders Feminist and queer theory; critical race theory; progressive-era history; empire studies  
Matthew Boynton black radicalism, labor radicalism, labor union organizaing and history  
Michelle 'Chip' Chang Asian American studies; critical ethnic studies; Afro-Asian studies  
Kidiocus Carroll Black queer studies; women of color feminisms; black midwest studies; digital blackness; Afrofuturism and Afropessimism  
Rebecca "Agleska" Cohen-Rencountre Native Feminisms; history; decolonizing methods; gender; sexuality  
Jennifer Doane    
Aaron Eddens    
Vanessa Guzman    
Michelle Lee Asian American Studies; Visual and Material culture; Women of Color Feminisms; Queer Theory; Queer of Color Critique  
Amanda Lugo Popular culture, critical media studies, race, citizenship, belonging and immigration in the contemporary U.S.  
Mary Marchan Queer theory; women of color feminism; transnational feminism; postcolonial and decolonial theory; Filipinx Studies  
Hana Maruyama Asian American Studies; American Indian and Indigenous Studies; Public history and memory; Critical race and ethnic studies  
Brendan McHugh AIDS/HIV; history of medicine; queer studies, disability studies; medical anthropology; oral history.  
Kiara Padilla Chicanx/Latinx Studies; Crimmigration and Legal violence; Border studies; Carceral abolition; Women of color feminisms; Critical race and ethnic studies  
Soham Patel Critical Muslim Studies; Decolonial thought; Transnational cultural studies; Theories of Race and Empire  
Kai Pyle Two-Spirit/queer Indigenous critique, Anishinaabe and Metis history, Indigenous literatures  
Demiliza Saramosing Colonial law and punishment; community engaged participatory research; critical youth studies; oceanic ethnic studies; native and womxn of color feminisms; settler colonialism and urban studies  
Thomas Seweid-DeAngelis Twentieth-century African American history; African American Islam; Black women's radicalism; Black internationalism; surveillance studies  
Sasha Suarez American Indian history, labor studies, urban history, social movements, indigenous labor theory and discourse  
Matthew Tchepikova-Treon Sound Studies, Audiovisual Media, Exploitation Cinema, Popular Music, Sociology, Technology and the Production of Urban Space  
Joe Whitson Public History, Indigenous Studies, Environmental Humanities, New Media and Social Media  
Lei Zhang U.S. Immigration, Chinese diaspora, Chinese American fiction, U.S. China relations