Graduate Students

Name Specialties 
Hilary Abe  
Akeem Anderson  
Lennixx-Nickolai Bad Moccasin American Studies; American Indian Studies; Native Film; Native Literature; Native Television; Native Representation; Dakota Language
Jonny Quenga Borja Queer Indigenous Studies, Queer Theory and Queer of Color Critique, Gender, and Sexuality; Native Pacific Cultural Studies and Indigenous Studies, Indigenous Literatures, Indigenous Feminisms, Women of Color Feminisms; Decolonial Methods and Methodologies, Embodiment, and Felt Theory, Critical Race and Indigenous Theory.
Rebecca "Agleska" Cohen-Rencountre Native Feminisms; history; decolonizing methods; gender; sexuality
Ashton Dunkley  
Stephanie Gandy  
An Garagiola  
Vanessa Guzman Crimmigration; Race and Ethnicity; Labor Movements; Cultural Studies; Critical Legal Studies
Taher Herzallah  
Maria Higueros-Canny  
Kaylen James  
Germaine Lindsay Saladino Juan  
Wakinyan LaPointe  
Richard Lim  
Amanda Lugo Popular culture, critical media studies, race, citizenship, belonging and immigration in the contemporary U.S.
Mary Marchan Queer theory; women of color feminism; transnational feminism; postcolonial and decolonial theory; Filipinx Studies
Ayaan Natala Critical Black Studies, Black radicalism, Black feminism, Comparative social movements, Afro-futurism & Afro-pessimism, Healing Justice, Political Theory, Human Rights, Diaspora studies, Auto-ethnography, Bio-mythology, Community Engaged Participatory Research.
Khoi Nguyen  
Chelsea Osademe African American Gothic; Citizenship; Anti-Blackness; Slavery and it's afterlives; Critical Race Studies; Mid-nineteenth century to contemporary African American Culture and Literature; Afro-pessimism.
Kiara Padilla Chicanx/Latinx Studies; Crimmigration and Legal violence; Border studies; Carceral abolition; Women of color feminisms; Critical race and ethnic studies
David Ramos  
Kristen Reynolds Speculative Fiction, Black Studies, Pop Culture Studies.
Gabi Dominguez-Salas  
Demiliza Saramosing Colonial law and punishment; community engaged participatory research; critical youth studies; oceanic ethnic studies; native and womxn of color feminisms; settler colonialism and urban studies
Matthew Tchepikova-Treon Sound Studies, Audiovisual Media, Exploitation Cinema, Popular Music, Sociology, Technology and the Production of Urban Space
Reid Uratani  
Jonnelle Walker  
Phoebe Young Indigenous food sovereignty, natural resource extraction, traditional ecological knowledge, land-based education.