The College of Liberal Arts (CLA) at the University of Minnesota–Twin Cities is leading the nation in liberal arts career readiness with our focus on helping our liberal arts undergraduates articulate their value to employers and graduate schools.


Leveraging the Liberal Arts Advantage

CLA's innovation in career readiness for undergraduate liberal arts students has been faculty-led curriculum integration that, along with the development of student supports and self-service tools and resources, scales up our ability to help every student express the relevance of the ten Core Competencies they gain as outcomes of their CLA education.

Championed by the dean with one of the four strategic CLA Roadmap goals being Readiness, developing our students' career readiness is situated as the work of everyone in the college. Responsibility is shared between student services units and academic units, as CLA faculty are key participants in the Career Readiness Initiative working to embed the framework of the Core Competencies into the classroom. This integrated model bridges both the curricular and co-curricular experiences of students.


The key focus of our Career Readiness Initiative is to help liberal arts students understand the Core Competencies they are developing in their liberal arts education, articulate how they have developed these competencies through their academic and co-curricular experiences, and translate the value of these experiences into the language of employers.