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Intern Spotlight: Calista Wery

October 10, 2019

Name: Calista Wery
Internship Site: People Serving People
Title: Educational Services Intern
Major: Sociology of Law, Criminology, and Deviance
Minors: Leadership & Political Science
Core Career Competencies: Analytical & Critical Thinking;Innovation & Creativity;Engaging Diversity
The Work: My primary responsibilities were data entry on the computer, filling family game packs and birthday gifts, working with children at K-5 program, and helping out Tegan with miscellaneous tasks as she needed. My major is Sociology, and I am especially interested in working with youth in the future (especially youth who have experienced life in poverty) so being able to connect with children at program and see how other experienced professionals interact with the kids was very insightful for me.
Tips for Success: I would say to keep an open mind and do not hesitate to ask questions!