Nikolai Abaev

Nikolai Abaev

What year did you graduate from the University of Minnesota, and what was your major and minor?

BA in History '17

What law school do you attend?

Washington and Lee University

What year are you?


Did you take time off between undergrad and law school?


If you took time off between undergrad and law school, what did you do during that time?

I worked at the law firm for a year and then I drove a truck for another.

Share one thing you wish you'd known about law school as an undergrad.

Law school is somewhat a game. I wish I learned the rules before I got here (exam prep, outlining, importance of networking, etc).

How did you choose your law school?

Scholarship + Geography (location of the law school + where do graduates end up practicing).

What advice do you have for students/recent alums as they begin the application process?

Take your time and do not rush into it. Law school is hard, but a tad of enthusiasm goes a long way. Make sure you will actually enjoy it. Go to law school only if you really want to do it, or you have extra money and 3 years of your life laying around.

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