Jordan Kleist

Jordan Kleist

What year did you graduate from the University of Minnesota, and what was your major and minor?

BA in Philosophy, Minors in Business Law and Political Science '19

What law school do you attend?

The University of Chicago Law School

What year are you?


Did you take time off between undergrad and law school?


Share one thing you wish you'd known about law school as an undergrad.

Consider taking time between undergrad and law school. I didn't give much thought to working for a year or two because I didn't think I would do something amazing to enhance my resume. In reality, it doesn't much matter how you spend the time.

How did you choose your law school?

I spoke with current students at the schools I was interested in, and also attended admitted students weekends. I ultimately decided based on cost (including financial aid and cost of living), city/region (I love Chicago and the midwest), prestige, and feel (i.e. I liked the school, and especially the people, when I visited).

What advice do you have for students/recent alums as they begin the application process?

Undergraduates at the University of Minnesota should take courses in the Law School to get a taste of what law school is like. Law school applicants should reach out to students, professors, and alumni of schools they are interested in. It may seem intimidating at first, but people will be happy to talk. I also recommend tailoring—even slightly—your personal statement to each school you apply to.

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