Undergraduate Minor in Comparative US Race & Ethnicity

As the United States grows more diverse, racial, ethnic, and cultural boundaries to blur. Different racial and ethnic minorities are beginning to share many traits and struggles. To address this phenomenon, the College of Liberal Arts has introduced a new minor in Comparative US Race and Ethnicity.

The study of race and ethnicity is moving beyond the analysis of distinct and static cultural identities toward an examination of power, inequality, and social justice in a comparative, relational, and multidisciplinary fashion. The minor examines ways in which race and ethnicity have been effective instruments of political power, especially in contexts such as representation, citizenship, ethnic/national relations, religion and politics, and economic development.

The minor in Comparative US Race and Ethnicity examines the multiple social, historical, cultural, religious, and political contexts that have shaped comparative races and ethnicities in the United States. Students in the minor will consider multiple perspectives on how to analyze and address issues of social, institutional, and cultural inequalities that have challenged historically underrepresented groups in the US.