Why the College of Liberal Arts?


Your CLA Advantage

The broad range of studies and engagement experiences offered through the College of Liberal Arts provides you with opportunities to expand, experiment, explore, and, ultimately, excel. Through our academic offerings and opportunities for experience, we’ll assist you in developing the core career competencies that employers are looking for.
Do you have a lot of interests? Here you can make the most of your four years in college by creating a program of study to prepare for your future career, graduate/professional school, and life plans—it's all within our university. We offer:

Rigorous Academic Experience: We support your drive to discover through challenging signature courses, research opportunities, community-engaged learning, and more.

Real-World Experience: Life in the College of Liberal Arts isn’t just about the classroom. Here you’ll engage with and prepare for life in “the real world” through internships, by exploring future careers, and pursuing leadership and service opportunities in our neighboring communities.

Community & Culture: From Living Learning Communities, to student groups, to our vibrant Twin Cities home, you will find your community and your path at the College of Liberal Arts.

Career Preparation: When you earn a liberal arts degree, you are preparing yourself for the careers of today and tomorrow—even for the jobs that don't exist yet.

About the College of Liberal Arts (CLA)

Located in Minneapolis, the College of Liberal Arts prepares tomorrow’s leaders. These are people who are informed, original thinkers and engaged citizens of their communities and the world. They are effective in their careers and capable of creating meaning in their own lives. Our graduates succeed in many different careers—law, health care, medicine, business, government, teaching, public relations and marketing, arts and entertainment, international relations, and more—precisely because they understand the complexities of today’s world.
CLA offers more than 60 liberal arts majors and more than 1,500 classes in the social sciences, languages, literatures, arts, media, and natural sciences. Many departments rank among the best in the world and have internationally renowned faculty. We are a global community with students from around the world, one of the nation’s strongest centers for the study of world languages and cultures.
You will benefit from an exciting, intellectually charged environment at one of the world’s top-ranked, resource-rich, research universities. And the economically strong, diverse, and culturally rich Twin Cities offer premier creative, research, and internship opportunities to further prepare you for successful careers and purposeful lives.