Your First Year

CLA first-year students walking outside during Welcome Week

Your First Year

During your first year, you will have a CLA team by your side to guide you to opportunities, connections, and experiences.

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Welcome Week

CLA students playing a beanbag toss game during College Day
CLA students playing Scrabble outdoors during College Day
CLA students playing giant Jenga outdoors during College Day

Welcome Week before the start of the fall semester will introduce you to campus life. During College Day, you will gather with your CLA classmates for Convocation then a day of activities that help you get to know each other.

Academic Experiences

Advising and Support

CLA student in an appointment with their CLA Advisor

Your CLA Advisor

During your first semester you will meet your CLA Advisor, who will be with you until you graduate. They will help you connect to resources on campus, plan your degree program with opportunities in and out of the classroom, and find paths to achieve your goals after graduation.

Career counseling meeting with a student

Peer Advisors

CLA students work in our offices of advising, career services, student services, and student experiences to answer your questions. They have been where you are, so they can be a great guide for you!

Employer shaking hands with a student at a career fair

CLA Career Counselors

Your first year is a time to start exploring your future career options, and the CLA Career Services staff is here to support you! No matter what you major in, your liberal arts degree opens up career possibilities for you in every industry you can imagine.