A Brief History of the Series

  The paper series was founded at the University of Minnesota in 1985 and has been published in association with the University of Minnesota Press, Routledge, and, currently, Vanderbilt University Press. The online series was founded in 2004, with its first issue appearing in 2006. The two series share a world-renowned editorial board and an editorial team consisting of Minnesota faculty, highly visible professors at other universities with Minnesota connections, and a rotating number of graduate students who are mentored in the art of publishing. The series is broad in scope and entertain projects in most areas of research in Iberian, Spanish American, and Lusophone studies. The online series also publishes “Debates,” normally either in the form of an edited volume consisting of shorter essays (“think pieces”) on a specific scholarly topic or as a polemical companion to a book or edited volume that has generated particular interest in the profession.  


Proposals for volumes may be directed to the editors.