Hispanic Issues On Line (HIOL) also publishes Debates, dedicated to an open exchange of ideas related to issues discussed within the Hispanic Issues series and Hispanic Issues On Line. Our aim is to offer a venue for a diversity of views on matters dealing with our disciplines. 

Volume 8: A Polemical Companion to Medialogies: Reading Reality in the Age of Inflationary Media
Edited by Bradley J. Nelson and Julio Baena
Volume 7: A Polemical Companion to Ethics of Life: Contemporary Iberian Debates
Edited by Katarzyna Beilin and William Viestenz

The present "debate" is meant to be read in conjunction with Ethics of Life: Contemporary Iberian Debates, edited by Katarzyna Beilin and William Viestenz. Nashville, TN: Vanderbilt University Press, 2016. (Available in hardcover, paperback and ebook)


  1. Iberian Studies for a Change: Chasing Boundaries of Life
    Katarzyna Beilin
  2. Telling Worldly Stories in a More-than-Human World (or How to Overcome Humanist Orthodoxies in Iberian Cultural Criticism)
    Daniel Ares López
  3. Animals in Contemporary Spanish Newspapers
    John Beusterien
  4. Cultivating the Square: Trash, Recycling, and the Cultural Ecology of Post-Crisis Madrid
    Matthew I. Feinberg and Susan Larson
  5. Happiness
    Eugenia Afinoguénova
  6. Spanish Cultural and Literary Criticism in the Age of the Anthropocene
    Luis I. Prádanos
  7. A Note on the Culture of Biotechnology in Contemporary Spain
    Sainath Suryanarayanan and Katarzyna Beilin
  8. Accounting for Violence, Counting the Dead: The Civil War and Spain's Political Present
    Sebastiaan Faber
  9. Nunca Máis: Ecological Collectivism and the Prestige Disaster
    John H. Trevathan


  1. Debating Ourselves; Towards the Garden Cities
    Katarzyna Beilin
  2. Exploring the Political Ecology of Iberian Studies
    Luis I. Prádanos
  3. An Exemplary Iberian Peninsula for an Ethics of Life
    John Beusterien
  4. The Ecological Imperative of Urban Cultural Studies
    Matthew I. Feinberg and Susan Larson
  5. The Community to Come: Reconsidering Democracy by Way of the Ethics of Life
    William Viestenz
  6. Back to Alienation
    Eugenia Afinoguénova
  7. Material Semiotics, Political Ecologies, Ethics of Life and the Renewed Potential of the Humanities to Describe and Shape the World in the Anthropocene
    Daniel Ares López
  8. Literature as Ecological Thought: Mind the Metaphor
    Juan F. Egea
  9. Opening Black Boxes in Iberian Debates on Life
    John H. Trevathan
  10. Dam Novels: Drowned Memory and Disposable Communities
    Martín López-Vega
  11. Matters of Concern: Survival Strategies
    Sebastiaan Faber
  12. Assisted Suicide and Academic Suicide
    Paul Begin
  13. Keeping the Humanities Alive by Transforming It: A Co-op Conclusion
    Daniel Ares López, Katarzyna Beilin, John Beusterien, Luis I. Prádanos, Sainath Suryanaryanan and William Viestenz


Volume 6: The Place of Hispanic Linguistics and Literary/Cultural Studies: Current Debates on Liberal Education
Edited by Francisco Ocampo and Heather Mawhiney
Volume 5: Exile, Intellectuals, and the Memory Wars
Edited by Luis Martín-Estudillo and Megan Corbin
Volume 4: (Re)reading Gracián in a Self-Made World
Edited by Nicholas Spadaccini and Scott Ehrenburg
Volume 3: On Photography, History, and Memory in Spain
Edited by Maria Nilsson
Volume 2: Feminismos latinoamericanos
Edited by Ana Forcinito
Volume 1: Crossing the Boundaries: Culture, Linguistics, and Literature
Edited by Francisco Ocampo

We are pleased to initiate these “debates” with an essay by Eduardo Subirats in which he presents a strong critique of certain trends within Cultural Studies and advocates for the reactivation of Critical Theory. Also included are four additional brief reflections on the first issue of HIOL (Debating Hispanic Studies: Reflections on Our Discipline) and a follow up mini symposium on the same topic.

  1. PDF iconLas poéticas colonizadas de América Latina
    Eduardo Subirats
  2. PDF iconCrossing the Boundaries: Culture, Linguistics, and Literature
    Francisco Ocampo and Ana Forcinito
  3. PDF iconNotes on a Scandal (or Two)
    David Castillo
  4. PDF iconTowards Queering the Curriculum
    David William Foster
  5. PDF iconThoughts on “Crossing the Boundaries: Culture, Linguistics and Literature”
    José Ignacio Hualde
  6. PDF icon(After)Thoughts on the State of Hispanic Linguistics
    John M. Lipski