Alumni Profile: Kaytlyn Lundstrom (M. HSPH '21)

HSPH Track: Archaeological Heritage
HSPH Alumni Profile Kaytlyn Lundstrom

Read about HSPH alumna Kaytlyn Lundstrom ('21). She is now an executive assistant for the Minnesota Indian Affairs Council.

Why did you choose HSPH?

There are several reasons why I chose the HSPH program! Most influential to my final decision was the HANDS ON and interdisciplinary approach that HSPH offers. When I graduated, I had two years of relevant work experience to include in my resume. Not only does this program offer students this experience through paid internships, but it is also built into each of the core classes you take from day one. Additionally, this experience is shaped by the individual student and supported by all HSPH staff and faculty. It was also really important to be in class with other professionals who had an incredibly wide range of experience and interests. I learned just as much from the experiences of my peers as I did from the course curriculum. 

What advice would you have for prospective and current students?

My advice would be to think critically about what experiences you are looking for and what skills you would like to develop. There are seemingly infinite possibilities and flexibility in the program, which is wonderful, but can also be overwhelming. Taking the time for self-reflection on the front end can ensure you have the best experience for your unique self in the long run. 

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