C̣aƞtemaza Neil McKay Engaged Campus Award Winner

The Iowa & Minnesota Campus Compact (IAMNCC), renamed the Seed Coalition, announced the winners of the 2024 President’s and Engaged Campus Awards. C̣aƞtemaza Neil McKay is a Presidents' Civic Engagement Leadership Award winner. He is a PhD candidate in the Institute of Linguistics, and is the senior Dakhóta language instructor in the department of American Indian Studies at the University of Minnesota, where he also teaches courses on American Indian history, Dakhóta linguistics, and Dakhóta language for teachers and the classroom. He also teaches several community language tables and consults with schools and tribal communities on language education and teacher training. His work focuses on creating new speakers and teachers of Dakhóta. C̣aƞtemaza is also on the planning team for the university Decolonization Roundtables, a peer support and discussion group on the topic of decolonization and its impacts. 

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