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We offer a rotating selection of graduate courses every semester. Department faculty teach seminars on a variety of thematic and practical topics. To review a complete list of graduate courses either visit the University Catalogs or click PDF iconhere.

Below is a listing of current graduate course offerings.

Spring 2017

Course NumberCourse TitleSections
SOC 5090Topics in SociologySections [1]
SOC 5315Never Again! Memory & Politics after GenocideSections [1]
SOC 8001Sociology as a ProfessionSections [1]
SOC 8011Teaching Sociology: Theory & PracticeSections [1]
SOC 8090Topics in SociologySections [3]
SOC 8190Topics in Law, Crime, and DevianceSections [1]
SOC 8801Sociological Research MethodsSections [1]
SOC 8811Advanced Social StatisticsSections [1]
SOC 8890Advanced Topics in Research MethodsSections [2]

Fall 2017

Course NumberCourse TitleSections
SOC 5170Sociology of International Law: Human Rights, Trafficking, and Busines...Sections [1]
SOC 5411Terrorist Networks & Counterterror OrganizationsSections [1]
SOC 5455Sociology of EducationSections [1]
SOC 5811Social Statistics for Graduate StudentsSections [1]
SOC 8001Sociology as a ProfessionSections [1]
SOC 8111CriminologySections [1]
SOC 8701Sociological TheorySections [1]
SOC 8731Sociology of KnowledgeSections [1]